2017 w213 E200 Broken original display repair

2017 w213 E200 repair display

2017 w213 E200 Broken original display repair

The 2017 W213 E200 E-Class vehicle was received with a partially damaged monitor

The 12.1-inch screen integrated into the analog cockpit of the Mercedes-Benz W213 is an OLED type manufactured by LG. It is known to be sensitive to impacts and pressure, requiring careful handling.


To repair the screen, which has suffered partial pixel damage resulting in discoloration, the analog cockpit needs to be dismantled

Carefully separate the damaged screen, focusing on removing only the front OLED panel components.

The original OLED part in the W213 E-Class analog cockpit is of the “Non-Clear Type” (as shown in the above picture).

The replacement OLED part for repair is of the “Clear Type” (as shown in the below picture).

Both screens have the same resolution and characteristics, manufactured by LG, ensuring seamless video output in the W213 vehicle without any issues.

After replacing the OLED with the Clear Type, the display appears smoother and more refined than before.

When you power on the NTG5.5 and Screen…

Completion of the repair, the result is as follows

2017 w213 E200 repair display

The repaired screen, now featuring the Clear Type, was noted by the customer to be brighter and clearer compared to the previous damaged Non-Clear Type.


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