AUDI A8 2016 ‘M2C’ Android Box and HDMI Interface Installed

AUDI A8 2016 ‘M2C’ Android Box and HDMI Interface Installed

2016 AUDI A8 In The INDIWORK Garage.


M2C Carblet Android Box & FAKRA GPS Cable

Devices Used :
– M2C-100IW Carblet (Android Settop Box)
* CPU / MediaTek Quad core Android5.1 Lollipop, DDR3L 1Gb/eMMC 16GB
– HD-LINK Digital Multi Interface

The AUDI A8 is difficult to install the device compared to other cars.
It is very complicated and difficult to remove the audio and monitor. If you want to install the product on this car, you need to learn how to remove it correctly from YouTube.

Once the Android box is installed, you can switch screens with the original button, and enter Android mode (HDMI).

If you install Android in your car, you can use various applications separately from your smartphone.

Youtube as well,
When using navigation, GPS reception sensitivity is better, and you can use your smartphone freely. (phone, text, etc.)

Like the smartphone, the app drawer is configured separately.

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