2011 BMW F30 Carplay, Android Auto Retrofit

2011 BMW F30 Carplay, Android Auto Retrofit

2011 BMW 3 series F30

BMW Carplay with 1,280×480 & Correct Aspect Ratio

Devices Used :
– SCB-NBT Universal carplay module (Integrated video interface)
  • The SCB-NBT is compatible with BMW iDrive NBT.
  • 1,280*480 Full Digital , Full Screen , Correct Ratio!
  • iPhone Carplay and Android phone android auto.
  • Plug and play installation through Quad lock connector.
  • Controlled by original i-Drive buttons.
  • Mic in and Sound out through original line.
  • Reverse cam input.
  • Front cam input.

2011 BMW F30 (NBT) In The INDIWORK Garage.
We use the SCB-NBT-F30 carplay interface module. And this CarPlay system outputs to the original monitor. In the case of BMW, if you check the design of the original UI(User Interface design of original system), you can distinguish CIC or NBT or EVO.

All Cables for installation are included in the Carplay package box. The main cable is connected to the car’s head unit.
In general, the BMW F30 after 2012y~ have a structure in which the original microphone and sound output are combined in the main quadlock cable. However, this car model has a different structure. The IN/OUT connection of MIC is required at the driver’s seat original microphone position. Also, the AUX IN/OUT must be connected directly from the earphone jack inside the armrest console. Therefore, in the case of this model, it may be slightly more complicated to install compared to the general late F30 model.

We have completed the installation of the Carpaly interface, and we test the system to make sure it works. Best of all, the quality is good because the system is displayed with a high resolution of 1280×480 and a correct aspect ratio. The installed carPlay system is controlled by the original i-drive buttons. You can also use navigation apps and music apps, and phone call also. In the case of iphone, the voice recognition function through ‘SIRI’ is very convenient in the car.

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