2015 BMW Z4 Convertible CIC Apple Carplay

2015 BMW Z4 Convertible CIC Apple Carplay

Apple Carplay retrofit 2015 BMW Z4 E89 BMW CIC by indiwork​

Every days, Every times Carplay System build
2015year BMW Z4 Apple Carplay&Android auto Build Up!

SCB-CIC Universal type Carplay Interface
1,280*480 Full Digital, Full Screen, Correct Ratio!
iPhone Carplay and Android phone android auto
Plug and play installation through Quad lock connector
Mic in and Sound out through original line
Reverse camera input
Front camera

The 2015 BMW Z4 has a 4-PIN LVDS and is a CIC model. Therefore, SCB-CIC is used for carplay installation. The CIC is slightly more complicated to install than the NBT model, but the Z4 is especially more complicated and time consuming.

In addition to installing the interface, a separate connection is required to link the original microphone and original speaker with the interface. (It is not connected through Quad Lock Connector.)

When the installation is complete, the ‘SIRI’ voice recognition function can be used through the original microphone, and the sound is output to the car’s speakers through the original AUX channel.

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