[2017 BMW 5 Serise G30 (530i PLUS)] Walk-In & Easy Access For Assistant seat using the iDrive

[2017 BMW 5 Serise G30 (530i PLUS)] Walk-In & Easy Access For Assistant seat using the iDrive

▲ Walk-In System (iDrive CAN Control) For BMW F10

The iDrive walk-in is a system that controls the assistant seat and the backrest by using the genuine jog dial of the vehicle.

Easy Access is a system that automatically moves the driver’s seat when the driver board the vehicle.


2017 BMW 5 Serise G30 (530i PLUS) In The INDIWORK Garage.
CAN Control
Walk-In (Assisted Seat Control) &
Easy Access (Driver’s Seat Automatic Control)

Using the iDrive OEM Button

Use Device : IW200 (Walk-in Module) & E-100 (Easy access Module)

ㆍCAN-BUS control walk-in system & Easy access System
ㆍSupport the BMW, AUDI, Volkswagen, Grandeur 5G
ㆍControl the exact position without error. (CAN-BUS control)
ㆍControl to the passenger seat by original button.(BMW : i-Drivier / AUDI : MMI / VW : Genuine steering wheel buttons)
ㆍNo damage car seat
ㆍCan be installed to various types of vehicles because change dip switches.
This is a system using CAN data of the vehicle.
Therefore, there is no damage to the vehicle, it is easy to restore the original.

Remove the iDrive for walk-in system installation.
In the case of the 2017 BMW G30, the structure is simple. So easy to remove.

The blue connector shown in the picture is the connector to be connected to the iDrive.
It consists of 4 pin maps: Power, Ground, CAN HIGH, CAN LOW.

Only the CAN DATA 2 wiring is connected to the wiring connected to the walk-in module.
Power? Basically, the power wiring that is controlled by the iDrive is a weak power of about 1Am ~ 2Am. For this reason, you should not connect devices such as a CNA board or an interface.

The CAN HIGH & LOW connection on the iDrive is complete. At the same time, connect the control wiring of the assisted seat motor and seat backrest motor.

Finally, the connection is complete when the walk-in module is connected.
There is no damage to the seat.

After completing the installation of the walk-in module,
proceed with the easy access module installation for the driver’s seat .

The Easy Access Module basically connected four wires: Power, Ground, CAN HIGH and LOW.
Incorrect connection of CAN HIGH and LOW leads to malfunction of the vehicle.
There is not 100% malfunction caused by the CAN module provided by INDIWORK.
Most of the problems are caused by incorrectly connecting the CAN wiring.

The Easy Access Module is also installed.
And we test the system.

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