Wireless iPhone HD Mirror System For BMW F10

Wireless iPhone HD Mirror System For BMW F10

2015 BMW 5 Series F10 In The INDIWORK Garage.

Wireless iPhone High-Definition Mirror System (Digital)
(Smartphone Wireless Mirroring)

Use Device : IW06B-N23(HD-LINK), APCAST (WiFi Receiver)


ㆍSupports the various smartphones such as Apple (Air play), Galaxy (All share cast), LG (Miracast).
ㆍThe APCAST is mirroring image and sound of contents in smartphone. And, it outputs the 1080 HMDI image.
ㆍWhen it use with HD-LINK, can installed on an AV device that supports CVBS input, and original AVN(High definition) of vehicle. ㆍ(Wireless & High Defination)

* The wireless mirroring system uses the Wi-Fi frequency band. Therefore, there may be interruptions or buffering intermittently during use.

Remove the deck for interface installation.

The interface model used for the BMW 5 Series NBT is IW06B-N23.

If you are trying to install an interface, read the interface manual and connect correctly.

The installation of the interface and APCAST is complete.

When I press the menu button of BMW iDrive for 1 second, it switches from the OEM screen to the mirroring screen.

The smartphone was connected wirelessly using APCAST.

We also checked the GPS reception sensitivity of the smartphone from the outside and it worked well.

Operation is on the smartphone screen. This is just a system that mirrors the screen of the smartphone to the original monitor of the car.

You can see the screen of the smartphone as the original monitor of the car.

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