Car Android System ‘A-LINK’, BMW X5 2012

Car Android System ‘A-LINK’, BMW X5 2012

BMW X5 2012 In The INDIWORK Garage.

Car Android System
(A-LINK & HD-LINK Digital Interface)

Devices Used :
– IW04B-N (HD-LINK Digital Multi Interface) For CIC 4-pin LVDS
– A-LINK Android Settop Box
– 8.8″ Capacitive Touch Screen Panel(Clear Type)


* Settop box type DIGITAL ANDROID.
* Optimized for each vehicle and fully interoperable.
* Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop) NXP5430Q-64bit Cortex-A53 Octa [email protected] Mali-400 MP4 GPU.
* Provide the high quality 4CH digital LVDS output.
* The digital signal is directly connected to the OEM monitor, realizing the super high definition image quality.
* Compatible with Digital Interface and Analog RGB interface.
* Provides unique Smart Drive system optimized for each vehicle.
* Convenient system operated by genuine button or controller. (Quick Start App. Seek, Zoom IN / OUT)
* Implementation of automatic emergency lighting system using CAN value of vehicle.
* FAKRA IN/OUT cable available.(Using the Genuine GPS, DMB ports.) * Amazing reception sensitivity.*

For the installation of Android set-top A-LINK, I will start the removal first.

I removed all previously installed devices.

In addition, I arrange all the wires that were entangled and start installing the our products.

I installed the HD-LINK interface and A-LINK settop and wrapped the wires with sound absorbing tape to prevent noise.

Remove the existing non-clear type resistive touch panel.

After that, I attached a new clear type capacitive touch panel.

I disassembled the A-LINK voice recognition microphone and connected it to the vicinity of the center light.

The microphone is fixed inside the center light and the cover is closed, it will not be visible outside.

When the product installation is complete, reassemble the parts.

The installation of A-LINK Android set-top, digital interface, 8.8″ capacitive touch panel has been completed and tested.

A-LINK has built-in OCTA CORE CPU. and, because of the capacitive touch, the touch sensitivity is very smooth.

A FAKRA GPS IN / OUT cable was used. Since the original GPS signal is used, the GPS reception sensitivity is very good.

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