Tempered Glass TITAN GLASS, for BMW G30 only!

Tempered Glass TITAN GLASS, for BMW G30 only!

BMW G30 In The INDIWORK Garage.

TITAN GLASS (Tempered Glass) For BMW G30 10.25-inch
(Original monitor LCD protection)

Product Model Name : G3-PT
Produced By Indiwork

– Impact Protective Tempered Glass
– 9H Surface Hardness
– High Sensitivity
– Shatter Proof
– Oleophobic Coating
– (Oleophobic Coating) Anti – Fingerprint
– (Oleophobic Coating) Anti – Scratch
– (Oleophobic Coating) Anti – Oil Stains
– Complete Transparency
– Round Edge
– Ultra Slim Glass
– Easy Installation / Perfect Adhesion

Tempered glass is necessary to protect original monitor liquid crystal from scratches and shocks and etc..

Existing vinyl film is removed.

G3-PT tempered glass is very easy to attach.

Perfect fit!
And, Tempered glass does not affect the touch sensitivity of the original monitor at all.

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