Wireless Smartphone Mirror For BMW 740i (HD-LINK&APCAST)

Wireless Smartphone Mirror For BMW 740i (HD-LINK&APCAST)

2015 BMW 7 series (740i) In The INDIWORK Garage.

Wireless Smartphone Mirror System

Devices Used :
– IW06B-N23 (HD-LINK Digital Multi Interface) For BMW NBT
– APCAST WiFi Receiver

To install the wireless smartphone mirroring system, you need a video interface (HD-LINK) and a Wi-Fi receiver (APCAST). The interface model compatible with the 2015 BMW 740i is IW06B-N23.

The interface is connected to the head unit. so, I remove the head unit for installation.

This is the IW06B-N23 interface. It outputs the digital signals of the smartphone directly to the car without conversion. Therefore, there is no degradation in picture quality.

I connect AUX to output the sound of the mirroring through the car’s speaker.

The mirroring sound is output to the speaker through the car’s earphone port.

After I complete the installation, I test it.

The HDMI video signal is being detected.

The smartphone model for testing is Android Galaxy S8. The iPhone is currently compatible with the IOS12 version. (2018-11-28)
For Android smartphones, you can connect to APCAST by running ‘Smart View’.

YouTube will also run perfectly.

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