Android Settop Box Module ‘M2C-100IW’ – M2C Carblet

Android Settop Box Module ‘M2C-100IW’ – M2C Carblet

A M2C-100IW is a set-top box for Android for car installation such as A-LINK. It can be installed in the car with HD-LINK interface. The car with this product installed is BMW G30.

The M2C-100IW Android Box can be directly connected with the capacitive touch panel without the conversion. Therefore, multi-touch is possible.
Most Android boxes are not multi-touch capable because the touch is input through 4-PIN.

The M2C-100IW can be downloaded from the Google Store and used it. Also, it supports HDMI rear-out when additional installing rear monitor.
The Android box solution can solve all the inconveniences of the smartphone mirror system.

The digital interface used with the M2C in the BMW G30 is IW-EVO6-N23. It supports NAVI IN port and HDMI IN port, and Android box connects to NAVI IN. This allows you to connect devices such as Apple TV or mirroring modules to the HDMI port separately.
And, the IW-EVO6-N23 provides the ability to split the original screen and M2C screen into 6: 4, or 4: 6, and when split, the touch value is also automatically calibrated.

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