BMW 3GT, Digital Apple Carplay Wired & Wirelss

BMW 3GT, Digital Apple Carplay Wired & Wirelss

2015y BMW 3GT (NBT) The INDIWORK Garage.
* Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

Devices Used :
– SCB-NBT (Universal Carplay Interface For BMW NBT System)

1,280*480 Full Digital , Full Screen , Correct Ratio !
iPhone Carplay and Android phone android auto
Plug and play installation through Quad lock connector
Mic in and Sound out through original line
Reverse camera input
Front camera input

The SCB-NBT (carpaly interface for bmw nbt-based) is a kind of video control device. so, it is connected to a OEM head unit like other interfaces.

all components of carplay interface are plag and play type that connect with original cables via quad lock, so installation doesn’t not damage to original wiring. And it works with original mic and speakers.

The biggest advantage is that the video is output at 1280*480, which is the same as that of the original monitor. and full digital and correct aspect ratio, also.
But, please note, for android auto, the resolution is 800*480. It scales to fit the monitor, so apple carplay is better in terms of image quality and usage.

To easily connect the Apple Lightning cable to the USB slot, we created an additional USB slot on the console.

Before fully assembling, we tested that the system works well.
The sound is output to the car’s speakers via AUX, and the carplay is controlled by the iDrive controller. and user can use the voice recognition function through the original microphone.

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