[BMW 5 Serise G30] TITAN Glass & iDrive Walk-In System

[BMW 5 Serise G30] TITAN Glass & iDrive Walk-In System

BMW 5 Serise (G30) In The INDIWORK Garage.

TITAN Glass (Tempered Glass For BMW F30) &
iDrive (CAN) Walk-In System

Use Device : Tempered Glass For BMW F30 & IW200 Walk-In Module

This is a genuine BMW monitor without tempered glass.
Because it is a monitor capable of touch, it attaches tempered glass to protect liquid crystal.
tempered glass protects your monitor more accurately than ordinary protective film.

This is a dedicated tempered glass for BMW G30 made by INDIWORK.

I begin to attach tempered glass.

First wipe the monitor with the wet and dry cleaners that are included with the product.

And wipe clean using microfibers.

▲ Attach Tempered glass to the BMW G30 OEM monitor

Lightly glue the glass on the monitor and press the center of the screen with your finger. The tempered glass sticks perfectly.

Tempered glass does not affect touch feeling at all.

▲ Touch sensitivity TEST of the G30 Tempered glass



I install the iDrive Walk-In system.
This system allows the driver to control the assistant seat with a genuine iDrive.

Connect IN / OUT for Walk-In system.

To control the assistant seat and the backrest with iDrive CAN data, connect the CAN wiring of the iDrive part.

Installation is complete.

▲ iDrive (CAN) Walk-In For BMW 5 Serise G30

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