BMW 7 series F01 OEM Android System with Screen Touch

BMW 7 series F01 OEM Android System with Screen Touch

BMW 7 series F01 In The INDIWORK Garage.

Android System With Touch Screen Panel

Devices Used :
– M2C-100IW (Android Settop Box)
– IW04B-N (CIC) HD-LINK Digital Multi Interface
– 10.2 inch Capacitive touch screen panel

The IW04B-N is an interface dedicated to the BMW CIC of the HD-LINK series.
The interface connects to the audio head unit. We provide interface installation manuals and posted on our website.
After connecting the interface, first check that the screen is displayed normally and works.

This is a capacitive touch panel for BMW 10.2-inch monitors. It is a touch panel of the same type as a smartphone, and multi-touch function is supported.

The touch panel installation is complete.

The M2C’s voice recognition microphone is installed inside the interior light of the car.

Wiring is meticulously wrapped with sound-absorbing tape.

Because the GPS FAKRA cable is used to connect to the original GPS port, the GPS reception sensitivity is very high.

When the installation is complete, finally test the devices.

Press the MENU button on the iDrive to switch to HDMI mode (M2C Android).

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