BMW Android System with 10.2 inch Touch Screen Panel For BMW F10

BMW Android System with 10.2 inch Touch Screen Panel For BMW F10

2015 BMW F10 In The INDIWORK Garage.

Car Android System with Touch Screen

Devices Used :
– A-LINK (Android Settop Box) / Octa [email protected]
– IW04B-N23 (CIC) / HD-LINK Digital Multi Interface
– 10.2″ inch Capacitive touch screen panel

The HDMI interface and A-LINK Android box are connected to the head unit of the BMW F10. so, remove the monitor and head unit to install the devices.

The A-LINK digital video signal is input to the interface, which is then directly output to the original monitor. It does not perform any conversion at the interface, so It can output high-quality images directly to the screen.

Aand the A-LINK is connected to the LVDS port of the interface. Therefore, the HDMI port of the interface can be used by connecting other devices. (Apple TV, APCAST Mirroring Module, etc.)

This is a GPS FAKRA cable. Because it is connected to the original GPS terminal, the receiving sensitivity of the GPS is very excellent.

This is capacitive touch screen panel used with Android system. This is the same as the touch method of a smartphone, and supports multi-touch function.

It exactly matches the original monitor size.

It is the main UI of A-LINK device. Each icon on the main screen can be customized, and a quick icon at the bottom can be set.

You can download various apps from the Google Play Store, and all installed apps are displayed in the app drawer.

Youtube runs well.

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