BMW F10, Android Settop Box ‘A-LINK’ and GPS FAKRA Cable

BMW F10, Android Settop Box ‘A-LINK’ and GPS FAKRA Cable

BMW F10 2012 In The INDIWORK Garage.


Install the
A-LINK Android Settop Box
(With. GPS FAKRA Cable)


Devices Used :
– IW04B-N (HD-LINK Multi Interface) For CIC 4-pin LVDS
– A-LINK Android Settop Box
– 10.2″ inch Capacitive Touch panel

* OEM screen and A-LINK screen are switched to original button (MENU).
* A-LINK Android is touch-controlled with a capacitive touch (10.2 inches) installed.
* It has high GPS reception sensitivity by using FAKRA type GPS cable which uses original terminal.

Remove the monitor and head unit for installation.

Attach a capacitive 10.2-inch touch panel to the original monitor.

Capacitive touch panels have the same touch sensitivity as smart phones.

(* A-LINK supports both pressure Resistive touch (4PIN) and Capacitive touch (6PIN).)

Test the A-LINK video output and touch interlock before assembling.

After confirming normal operation, assemble and complete the installation.

Press the MENU button to switch the screen and display A-LINK.

You can use the Android system in your car through your original monitor. It is very convenient to use because it uses touch.
The Internet can be connected to hotspots of smartphones or installed the EGG separately.

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