BMW F10 CIC Apple Carplay 1,280*480 Full Digital Resolution

BMW F10 CIC Apple Carplay 1,280*480 Full Digital Resolution

2012year BMW F10 (CIC System) In The INDIWORK Garage.
* Apple CarPlay & Android Auto & Phone Mirroring

Devices Used :
– SCB-CIC (Universal Carplay Interface For BMW CIC)

SCB-CIC Universal type Carplay Interface
1,280*480 Full Digital , Full Screen , Correct Ratio !
iPhone Carplay and Android phone android auto
Plug and play installation through Quad lock connector
Mic in and Sound out through original line
Reverse camera input
Front camera

The CIC type is slightly more difficult to install than the NBT type. Connecting the main connector to the back of the head unit is the same as the NBT, but additionally, the IDrive CAN BUS IN/OUT, MIC IN/OUT at the top of the driver’s seat, and the AUX input inside the armrest console must also be connected.

In order not to deviate from the original design, we created an additional USB slot by removing the interior material inside the armrest console. Connect the iPhone Lightning cable here and connect it to your iphone.
In the case of iPhone, there is no difference in recognition rate even if the USB cable is extended. However, for Android phones, if the USB cable is extended, the recognition rate is lowered, causing a problem. So it is impossible to install the USB slot in this way.

And IN/OUT Connect with original MIC on the ceiling above the driver’s seat. If using the original MIC, the voice recognition rate is superior to that of an external MIC, and has the advantage of not being displayed externally.

I tested Carplay, and it works fine.
(Recognition rate check through original MIC, sound output check through AUX, control check through iDrived)

BMW 520D CIC model with carplay system installed.

Tmap, Kakao Navi, Naver Map, Google Map, Melon, Bugs, Podcast “SIRI”.
All APPs supported by the Apple CarPlay platform can be used. In addition, full digital video optimized for 1,280 * 480 pure resolution is displayed.

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