BMW F30 8.8 inch Original Monitor Broken LCD Glass Replacement

BMW F30 8.8 inch Original Monitor Broken LCD Glass Replacement

BMW F30 8.8 inch Monitor In The INDIWORK Garage.


Replacement The Broken LCD monitor(8.8 inch).

Devices Used :
– F30-8.8 only capacitive touch panel

Cracked LCD Original Monitor.

The monitor was removed from the car for glass replacement.
* For reference, only 8.8-inch monitors produced before 2016 can replace glass. Since 2016~, the monitor glass and the LCD have been changed to an integral type.

Disassemble the monitor to separate the LCD and protective glass.

There is no dedicated tempered glass. Instead we replace it with a capacitive touch panel dedicated to F30-8.8. This is a tempered glass with a touch function.

It is made the same as the frame of the original monitor.

Fix capacitive touch panel to original cover and reassemble to LCD.

Reinstall the monitor in the car and remove the protective vinyl.

  • Pavel
    Posted at 15:27h, 14 June Reply

    Hi! How to Disassemble the monitor to separate the LCD and protective glass?
    I unscrew all bolts, but i cant to Disassemble screen from black plastic.
    Please help me!

      Posted at 14:27h, 15 June Reply

      Disassembly of LCD and glass is possible only for BMW 2 series, 3 series, 4 series and 3 GT models released in 2012~2016. The 8.8 inch monitor released after 2016~ is a glass-integrated LCD design. This models cannot disassemble the glass from the LCD.
      If your 8.8inch monitor is in 2012~2016 year, there is some adhesive between the LCD and the glass. We heat it with a mild heat of about 100 degrees through the heat gun. And then, we inset the soft and thin plastic hera between glass and LCD, and carefully separate them. During this process, the existing glass breaks. Be careful not to damage the LCD due to small glass fragments.
      Thank you.

      • Pavel
        Posted at 15:06h, 16 June Reply

        Dust got under my glass, I wanted to remove it, and when I began to separate the glass from the frame, it burst, now I’ll also change the glass 🙁
        Thanks for the answer!

        • INDIWORK
          Posted at 16:01h, 16 June Reply

          The glass of the F30-8.8 inch monitor is very weak. When separate the glass from the LCD, the existing glass will be broken…..

          Thank you.

  • Daniel ortega
    Posted at 04:13h, 23 July Reply

    Hi, I have a BMW 135i LCI 2016, I would like to know if my 8.8 screen is integrated into the glass or separated as samples in this publication.

      Posted at 12:20h, 23 July Reply

      Hello. As far as I know, for 2016y BMW models, the glass can be separated from the LCD.
      But, to make sure, look at this image.

      This 8.8-inch monitor is a type which LCD and glass cannot be separated.
      The yellow film (LCD) part and the glass are integrated. If you try to separate it, the film will tear.
      If you are not sure, you can check this by opening this part slightly.
      Thank you.

  • Daniel ortega
    Posted at 06:09h, 25 July Reply

    do you ship the monitor cover to chile?

      Posted at 11:25h, 27 July Reply

      Hello. We use DHL Express and can ship to all countries and regions served by DHL. To check shipping costs, please put the products you want in the shopping cart, and enter the detailed address on the checkout page, if so the shipping cost is calculated and displayed. Thank you.
      F30-8.8″ Capacitive Touch Panel→

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