BMW F30 8.8″ Monitor broken glass replacement repair

BMW F30 8.8″ Monitor broken glass replacement repair

BMW F30 (3 Series) In The INDIWORK Garage.
* F30 8.8 inch monitor broken glass repair. Replaced by capacitive touch panel.

Devices Used :
– F30-8.8″ capacitive touch panel.

The BMW F30 monitor rises above the top of the dashboard and is therefore easily exposed to external shocks. In addition, the tempered glass on the monitor is easily damaged by small impacts.

This monitor attached a smartphone holder on the tempered glass, and the glass broke when trying to remove it.
First of all, I need to check whether the LCD inside the tempered glass is working normally.

I checked that the LCD is working normally. To replace the glass, the broken glass is removed from the LCD. Very small glass fragments and original double-sided tape should be removed neatly.
The glass to be replaced is an F30 8.8-inch capacitive touch panel made for Android box installation. Capacitive touch panel is made for touch screen, so it is expensive, but there is no other alternative.

A new 8.8-inch touch panel is attached. If you install INDIWORK’s Android box later, you can use this touch panel.

The monitor was tested to make sure it worked. and It will be delivered via a parcel service.

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