BMW F30, OEM Touch Screen Android System with HD-LINK

BMW F30, OEM Touch Screen Android System with HD-LINK

BMW F30 In The INDIWORK Garage.

* Android PC tablet installed, controlled by touch panel

Devices Used :
– M2C-200IW (Android Settop Box)
– IW06B-N23 (HD-LINK Video Interface)
– F30-8.8″ capacitive touch panel

This F30 is already installed with other navigation module. All existing modules must be removed to install the M2C android settop and interface.

This is a resistive touch panel that was previously installed. The screen is cloudy, and the touch sensitivity is also poor.
Recently, a transparent glass type capacitive touch panel is used. Because it is an electrostatic method like a smartphone, it has good touch sensitivity.

In the case of F30, the touch panel is attached on the monitor frame. It is designed to fit exactly, so there is no heterogeneity.

The touch panel is attached.

The video interface IW06B-N23 for BMW NBT is installed. The android settop box is connected to the video interface(NAVI port), and the set-top box is installed inside the glove box.

The M2C Android Box is equipped with Android 7.1.2 Nougat OS. You can install and use the apps by sharing the Internet through the hotspot of your smartphone.

BMW F30 Anroid M2C-200IW installation

MediaTek MT8173C Quad Core
Nougat android 7.1.2 PIP fuction
Capacitive Multi touch through F30-8.8 Cap touch panle
Crazy GPS sensitivity through Fakra GPS cable
IW06B-N23 Digital video interface

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