BMW i3, Apple Carplay Interface SCB-NBT-i3

BMW i3, Apple Carplay Interface SCB-NBT-i3

BMW i3 The INDIWORK Garage.
* Apple CarPlay for BMW i3 NBT with 6.5-inch screen.

Devices Used :
– SCB-NBT-i3 (Universal Carplay Interface For BMW i3 only.)

Full Digital , Full Screen , Correct Ratio !
iPhone Carplay and Android phone android auto
Plug and play installation through Quad lock connector
Mic in and Sound out through original line
Reverse camera input
Front camera input

The Carplay system is controlled by the original i-drive.(It is not possible to connect with OEM touch system or install the touch panel.)
Voice recognition (Siri) is possible through the original microphone, and useful functions such as a navigation app or a music app can be used.

In the case of the BMW i3, unlike other common BMW models, the head unit is located under the rear seat. Therefore, the installation time is more than twice.

The LVDS wirings connection also takes longer because the monitor structure is also special.

There is a head unit when the 2nd row seat is removed. All components of the carplay interface are connected to the head unit by plug and play.

We created an additional USB slot on the Armrest console to connect the iPhone Lightning cable.

If user connect the iPhone Lightning cable to the created USB slot, the carplay is automatically activated without any separate settings.

The carplay is controlled through the original jog shuttle. Users can use the carplay conveniently while driving by running the app through voice recognition and controlling it with the jog shuttle.

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