[BMW X5 2015] BMW Comfort Access System (Without Keyring)

[BMW X5 2015] BMW Comfort Access System (Without Keyring)

▲ BMW X5 2015 Comfort Access System (Without Keyring)

2015 BMW X5 In The INDIWORK Garage.

Comfort Access System

BMW Comfort Access is a convenience feature that allows you to easily lock and unlock your car simply by touching the door catch (door handle) with the vehicle original key.

It works the same as the function of the genuine upper option of BMW.

Comfort Access (Season, 2) products do not require a keyring. This system recognizes the original Key at the door catches, so it is OEM type system.

I painted a door catch ahead of time.
We have a painting room and a heat treatment room. It is a sophisticated painting so that there is no difference compared to the genuine door catch.
The sensor is built in the comb pattern of the door catch.

Remove the door trim from the driver’s and assistant’s seats to change the door catchs.

Wiring is connected to the genuine connector with the terminal pin of the electric field standard.

It is installed in the same quality as genuine

All installation methods are the same as the original electric wiring connection method.

Connect the wires to both doors.
and, connect the detection sensor to the trunk and connect it to the control box located on the passenger seat.
Then, when the vehicle is assembled, the installation is completed.
It takes about 3 ~ 4 hours.

Door catch changed. (Without Keyring)


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