BMW X5 CIC (E70) OEM Monitor Apple Carpaly

BMW X5 CIC (E70) OEM Monitor Apple Carpaly

2012 BMW X5 E70 system Apple Carplay&Android auto Build Up!
SCB-CIC Universal type Carplay Interface
8.8inch 1,280*480 Full Digital, Full Screen, Correct Ratio!
iPhone Carplay and Android phone android auto
Plug and play installation through Quad lock connector
Mic in and Sound out through original line
Reverse camera input
Front camera

This car is imported directly from the United States, so has no navigation. We will install a carplay interface for navigation and multimedia use.

All installations are removed and connected according to the manual, and all subsidiary materials cables are taped with sound proof tape to remove noise.

The installed interface is SCB-CIC. It is the exclusive carplay interface for BMW CIC.
Basically, the original sound and original microphone are connected via the main cable. However, there are sometimes cars with different pin-map. In this case, we need to connect to the original microphone located at the top of the driver’s seat. Also, the sound must be connected in the armrest console. If the microphone and AUX need to be connected separately without the main cable, the installation is more complicated and takes more time.
And an additional USB port for phone connection was created in the console. Connect the Lightning cable to the USB port under the original USB port to launch carplay.

Before reassembling the parts, we test that carplay works well. Correct display output, sound output through AUX, voice recognition through original microphone, etc.

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