iPhone Wireless HD Mirroring & Front-View CAM For BMW 740

iPhone Wireless HD Mirroring & Front-View CAM For BMW 740

▲ BMW 740 – Smartphone mirroring & Front-view

BMW 740 In The INDIWORK Garage.

* iPhone / Digital Smartphone Wireless Mirroring*
* Front-View Camera System *

Use Device : IW04B-N23 HDMI Interface (BMW CIC) & APCAST WiFi Module
& Front-View Camera ‘MC5’ (3 View Mode)

Remove necessary parts and remove existing devices.

Clear existing device removal and wiring cleanup.
Then, install the IW04B-N23 interface and the APCAST WiFi module.

Front camera installation is complete.
The installed product is a ‘EIEVIEW MC5’.

* 180˚ Around Front-View Camera ‘Eieview MC5’ (Various 3 view modes)

VIEW MODE : Panorama view, Corner view(Left and right split screen), Top view(Guide line)
ㆍTop View – Offer the guide line(With setting mode)
ㆍPerfect waterproof(With setting mode)

At the front, it was installed neatly so that no wiring could be seen.

Installation of IW04B-N23 and APCAST is completed.

To change the screen with the front camera, slide the iDrive to the left for one second.

You can switch screens manually. This is TOP VIEW.

Each time the installed mode switch is pressed, the view mode changes.

Panorama view.

Side split view.

In the case of Top View, you can also set the required line depending on the width of the car.

High-definition wireless iPhone mirroring. Compatible with ISO 11.

YouTube Mirroring.

The video stored in the phone is played more reliably than the video application.

The smartphone mirroring system is perfect as an auxiliary entertainment feature.

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