Installation the Rainbow Speaker ‘BP-G4.2’ For BMW G30

Installation the Rainbow Speaker ‘BP-G4.2’ For BMW G30

BMW G30 (G30 X-Drive M-Package) In The INDIWORK Garage.

Rainbow Speaker System

Use Device : Rainbow BP-G4.2

– 2-way 4-inch component for BMW G30 only.
– Silk Dome Tweeter
– Max 60W
– Impedance 3.4 ohms
– Frequency range 70 ~ 30,000Hz / 90dB


BP-G4.2 is one step higher than BP-S4.2 model. So, you can feel the rich sound of the mid-range and high-pitched sound that can not be felt in genuine speakers.

This is a BMw G30 only speaker. Exactly matches the position of the speaker. and, passive is also G30 only. It is installed without any cutting on original wiring.

Compared with the entry model BP-S4.2, you can definitely feel the difference in bass. 4-inch midrange produces the best bass.

First, wrap all speaker wires with sound absorbing tape.

After the sound absorption taping of all wiring of the speaker to be installed is completed, remove the door trim to replace the genuine speaker.

Remove the door trim and remove the existing speaker.

This is a G30 only speaker, so you do not need any material for installation. This perfectly matches the position of the existing speaker.
The connector is Plug & Play type. Installation is easy, and you do not have to wire connections.

4-inch mid speakers and tweeter are installed on the driver’s side. Passenger seats are installed the same way.

A silk dome tweeter is installed in the driver’s seat and passenger’s seat. This also makes the sound of the high-frequency range rich.

Because it is Plug & Play type, there is no need to damage the vehicle to install the BP-G4.2 speaker.
Upgrading your audio system will give you a richer sound experience.

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