3-View Front camera ‘MC5’ for Chevrolet Orlando (With.HD-LINK)

3-View Front camera ‘MC5’ for Chevrolet Orlando (With.HD-LINK)


Chevrolet Orlando With MyLink

(Content : MC5 Front Camera Installation)

ㆍSupport the various view modes.[Panorama view, Corner view(Left and right split screen), Top view(Guide line)]
ㆍSecure a wide clear view by Wide-angle lens of the Horizontal 180˚, vertical 142˚.
ㆍOffer the setting mode of guide line. It can set the position and On/Off of the line.
ㆍIt can also be used for separated type navigation.(In Korea)
ㆍIt can easily install by camera bracket of license plate. And, the vehicle is not compromised.
ㆍIncluded the mode switch and On/Off switch.

▲ 3 View front camera ‘MC5’ For Chevrolet Orlando (With HD-LINK Interface)

Orlando with Mylink controls the front camera image through the video interface (HD-LINK Interface).
For this reason, GVIF IN / OUT is required at the back of audio that outputs the image to MyLink.

Remove the center fascia.

The HDMI interface (HD-LINK) is connected to the back of the audio.

Considering the angle of the front, we installed the front camera MC5 directly under the ambulance of the Orlando.

Camera attachment complete.

The APCAST device is also connected to the HDMI port of IW03GF (HD-LINK interface model for Orlando).

APCAST is a WiFi module that enables smartphone wireless mirroring using iPhone and Android phone.

Panoramic view mode of front camera MC5.

Side view of the front camera MC5.

Top view of front camera MC5.

(You can switch the view mode by using a separate mode switch.)

When you change the gear to ‘D’ from ‘P’ or ’R’ mode, switch automatically to front camera screen as much as you set timer(8, 10, 15 seconds).
After, return to the previous screen.

Manual switching is also possible with the BACK button.

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