Navigation Settop Box For 2019 Chevrolet The New Malibu

Navigation Settop Box For 2019 Chevrolet The New Malibu

Chevrolet The New Malibu 2019 (8-inch MyLink) In The INDIWORK Garage.

* N-LINK2 Navigation (Korea only) System

Devices Used :
– N-LINK2-V4 Settop Box (Atlan 3D map Navigation)
– IW06C-ML8-D (D-LINK Interface)

A IW06C-ML8-D is interface for set top box installation. because there is not a HDMI port, it is not possible installation the HDMI device such as phone mirror. and the IW06C-ML8-D interface is IN and OUT on behind the MyLink monitor. This allows video switching on the monitor with or without original navigation.

The N-LINK2 settop box was installed. For international, costomer can install the A-LINK Android settop box instead of N-LINK2. If press the left arrow button on the steering wheel for 1 second, it switching from the original mylink screen to the navigation box screen. also, as well as the screen, the original touch value of mylink is also switched to control the touch algorithm of the settop box.

Main screen of the N-LINK2 settop box.

The N-LINK2 settop box has atlan 3D V4 map (16GIGA). and it is controlled with original mylink touch system.

Support 5:5 PIP split screen.

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