180˚ Around Front-View Camera ‘Eieview MC5’ (3-View Mode) For Foton Tunland

180˚ Around Front-View Camera ‘Eieview MC5’ (3-View Mode) For Foton Tunland


Foton Tunland

(Content : MC5 Front Camera Installation)

ㆍSupport the various view modes.[Panorama view, Corner view(Left and right split screen), Top view(Guide line)]
ㆍSecure a wide clear view by Wide-angle lens of the Horizontal 180˚, vertical 142˚.
ㆍOffer the setting mode of guide line. It can set the position and On/Off of the line.
ㆍIt can also be used for separated type navigation.(In Korea)
ㆍIt can easily install by camera bracket of license plate. And, the vehicle is not compromised.
ㆍIncluded the mode switch and On/Off switch.

▲ Front Camera ‘MC5’ Install Test For Foton Tunland

These are the front camera MC5 and a select board to link the existing rear image and the front camera MC5.

This select board looks simple, but, this crosses the images of the rear camera and the front camera. and, It also controls forced switching and mode switching of the front camera.
This select board plays a very pivotal role.

The front camera was fixed to the top of the front bumper. There is absolutely no damage to the vehicle.

It is not visible from the front, but since it has been treated with special epoxy treatment on the back side, it will not fall unless you take it with strong force.

Installation using front camera and select board is completed.

When the vehicle is in reverse gear, the original rear camera image is output.

When you change the gear to ‘D’ from ‘P’ or ’R’ mode, switch automatically to front camera screen as much as you set timer(8, 10, 15 seconds).
After, return to the previous screen.

The default setting is a panoramic view.

The view mode of the front camera can be changed by a separate mode changeover switch.
This is a side view.

This is a top view. It is most useful.
it is an angle from top to bottom, so, you can see the distance between the front bumper and the object in the most detail.

Neatly installed front camera mode switch and front camera manual ON / OFF switch (red button on the right).

Damage to the vehicle is minimized.

Front camera installation complete.

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