Lexus IS250 2013y Apple carplay controlled by knob

Lexus IS250 2013y Apple carplay controlled by knob

We built up Apple CarPlay System for Lexus IS250 2013.
In the case of IS250, the power cable type of the 2013-2014 models are mixed, so it is necessary to check whether power type is the OLD harness version or the HIGH harness version before installation.​

In the case of IS250 equipped with SCB-LX carplay interface, the carplay is controlled using the original knob, and the video is output in full digital and high resolution.

▲ SCB-LX Lexus Carplay

Installation by CS Motors (Guri-si)

The factory carplay system is implemented as part of the car infotainment configuration, but the SCB carplay module is a method of switching the screen by an external interface and outputting carplay screen to the original monitor.
This does not lack performance compared to the factory carplay system, but, for audio autput, it is necessary to convert the audio from the media source to AUX because the audio output is used through the car’s external input (AUX INPUT).
If you need to operate hands-free or original Bluetooth while carplay is running, driver will need the skillful operation.
Even considering these parts, there are many users evaluation that there are more advantages than disadvantages.

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