Wireless iPhone Mirror For 2019 Lexus ES300h (HD-LINK&APCAST)

Wireless iPhone Mirror For 2019 Lexus ES300h (HD-LINK&APCAST)

2019 Lexus ES300h Hybrid In The INDIWORK Garage.

* Wireless Phone Mirror System

Devices Used :
– IW03LX-N23 (HD-LINK / Video Interface for Lexus)
– APCAST (Wireless wifi receiver)

Only HD-LINK video interface is required to use the phone mirror system. It is installed in connection with the head unit.
The phone screen is output to the original monitor via the video interface. When used with the APCAST WiFi receiver, mirroring can be used wirelessly. And it doesn’t lock while driving.

Mirroring is one-way. This cannot be operated on the original screen.

This is the simplest way to output your phone screen to your car monitor. and mirroring sound is output to the car’s speakers.

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