[Hyundai Sonata New Rise] iPhone Wireless Mirroring (HDMI Interface & APCAST)

[Hyundai Sonata New Rise] iPhone Wireless Mirroring (HDMI Interface & APCAST)

Hyundai Sonata New Rise In The INDIWORK Garage.

Smartphone (iPhone)
Wireless Mirroring System (APCAST)

Use Device : IW-H-NR (HDMI Interfae For Sonata New Rise)

(Can be installed only in 7-inch display specifications. (Genuine AVN)

HDMI Interface (IW-H-NR) & APCAST (WiFi receiver)

* iPhone Wireless Smartphone Mirroring System *

APCAST currently supports the latest iPhone firmware. And this is the WiFi receiver that supports the ‘AIR PLAY’ function and HDMI output.
For iPhone, you can use it as a wired mirroring with a lightning AV adapter.

It is a high-definition wireless mirroring system using HDMI interface and APCAST.

Audio is connected to the car’s genuine speakers.

You can also use various navigation applications.

Video application 1: 1 mirroring.

Videos stored on iPhone are played with AIR PLAY.

YouTube 1: 1 high-definition wireless mirroring.

YouTube is the most popular video app.

You can mirror many of your favorite applications.

Smartphone mirroring is an auxiliary infotainment system that is easy to use.

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