Video Interface & Front-View Camera ‘MC5’ for Sonata New Rise

Video Interface & Front-View Camera ‘MC5’ for Sonata New Rise

▲ Front view camera “MC5” from 2017 sonata new rise


Hyundai Sonata New Rise In The INDIWORK Garage.

Front-View Camera System

180˚ Around Front-View Camera ‘Eieview MC5’
(Various view modes)

Use Device : MC5 Front-View Camera & Video Interface

(Can be installed only in 7-inch display specifications. (Genuine AVN)

The 7-inch display specification includes a rear view camera by default.
However, there is no front sensor. So, install the front camera MC5 of the 3 view mode.
A video interface is required for front camera installation.

Front Camera ‘MC5’ has a wide-angle lens that supports 3-VIEW mode.(Top view, side view, panoramic view)

I installed the license plate guard upside down to install the camera naturally.

It is installed without causing any damage to the vehicle.

If you press the SETUP button for 1 sec., It changes to the front camera screen.

Panorama view

Side view

Top View

The video interface outputs the images from the front camera to the 7-inch genuine display of the Sonata Newrise, and when the drive gear changes, it automatically switches to the front camera screen.
* When you change the gear to ‘D’ from ‘P’ or ’R’ mode, switch automatically to front camera screen as much as you set timer(8, 10, 15 seconds).
After, return to the previous screen.

The time at which the front camera screen is output can be set.

Perfect combination the video interface for Sonata New Rise only and Front-View camera ‘MC5′(3-VIEW mode)!

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