2018 Mercedes Benz S63AMG Android Multimedia

2018 Mercedes Benz S63AMG Android Multimedia

2018 Mercedes Benz S63AMG Convertible

M2C Box Android system with screen touch

Devices Used :
– M2C-200IW-Plus (Android Settop Box)
– BZD-NTG5.0 (Universal Digital Video Interface)
– 12.1 inch Capacitive Touch Panel
  • The BZD-NTG5.0 interface is compatible with Mercedes-Benz 2014year-2017year models with COMAND NTG 5.0.
  • The M2C PLUS model support 1,440×540 high quality image.
  • Display android OS on original monitor.
  • Plug and play type cables.
  • Main quadlock cable connect to the back of the head unit.
  • Provide the instruction manual for interface installation.

2018 Mercedes Benz S63AMG Convertible In The INDIWORK Garage.
In this car, an M2C PLUS box with high resolution will be newly installed instead of the normal type M2C Android box.
The difference between M2C and M2C PLUS is the resolution. Especially, The M2C PLUS supports up to 1920p depending on the original monitor. So it can display the Android system in high definition on a large wide monitor.

* For example this is a resolution 800×480 of a normal M2C Android box.

* This is a resolution 1440×540 of a M2C PLUS Android box. Since the resolution of the original monitor is 1440p, it will display up to 1440p.

You can download and use navigation apps, video apps, and YouTube via M2C android system.

High-definition video is played on the wide 12.1-inch S63AMG monitor. In addition, a capacitive touch panel is installed together, so the Android system is controlled by touch.

Android system displayed on the original Mercedes-Benz 12.1 inch monitor, controlled by touch. You will need the following 4 items to install it.
M2C-200A-PLUS Android Box
BZD-E17-HD Video Interface
12.1″ Capacitive touch panel
Genuine AUX activation via DTS-Monaco

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