Navigation Settop (Korean Map), GAIA HUD For Mercedes Benz E300

Navigation Settop (Korean Map), GAIA HUD For Mercedes Benz E300

Mercedes Benz E-Class (E300 / W213) In The INDIWORK Garage.

Navigation GPS Settop Box & GAIA HUD (Head Up Display)
(With. Capacitive touch panel, USB-AUX)

Devices Used :
– N-LINK2-V4-NTG55 (Integrated Interface) *Korean Map only
– 12.1 inch Full Glass Capacitive touch panel

I disassemble the monitor for touch panel installation.

Start wiring installation from the inside.

This is a disassembled wide digital instrument panel. The touch panel to be attached is a capacitive touch panel of full glass type. Because it is full type glass, there is no feeling of heterogeneity at all. This touch panel is also compatible with the 2018 Face Lift S-Class.

HUD interface and N-LINK GPS settop installation is almost finished.
The wires are wrapped with a magnetic tape to prevent noise.

N-LINK2 This is the main UI of GPS settop.This is a set-top box optimized for navigation. Multimedia and navigation can be used simultaneously on multi-screen.

Provides a 50:50 split screen.
When the screen is split, the touch point is automatically set.

This is the UI of the GAIA HUD.
The Mercedes HUD interface (IW-BENZ-HUD) is only applicable to GLC, C, S, and newer E-Class (Since 2014~) with original HUD.

I used USB-AUX for E-Class without external audio input. The USB-AUX is easy to use, but there is a delay between the screen and the sound (delay time is different for each vehicle, about 0.5 to 2 seconds)

Connect the stereo jack to the USB-AUX.

USB1 port inside the center console.

Connect USB-AUX here.

E-Class recognizes sound sources. If you connect the USB-AUX, you can easily output the sound to the car speaker.

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