Mercedes convenience option, Easy Seats Access & One-Touch Seats

Mercedes convenience option, Easy Seats Access & One-Touch Seats

Mercedes Benz E-Class (W213) In The INDIWORK Garage.


Devices Used :
– EW200 Module

ㆍControl the exact position without error. (CAN-BUS control)
ㆍControl to the passenger seat by original button of Mercedes.
ㆍNo damage car seat
ㆍCan be installed to various types of Mercedes.
ㆍEasy installation
This is a system using CAN data of the vehicle.
Therefore, there is no damage to the vehicle, it is easy to restore the original.

The module is installed in the can block located on the passenger’s footrest.

– How to install Easy Access Module in Mercedes W213 by indiwork –

The original easy access will be OFF.
* If the original easy access is enabled, it may not work intermittently in conflict with CAN module control signals.

Installation takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

1. Easy Access
Easy Access is a system for the convenience of boarding and getting off.
When the vehicle is started, the seat automatically moves to the driving position,
When getting off the vehicle, the seat automatically moves backward so that the driver can get off easily.

2. One-Touch Memory Seat
The seat position provides three memory.
However, in order to move to the position memorized in position 1, it is necessary to hold the button until the move is completed.
So we programmed to move the sheet to that position by pressing the button once.

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