Mercedes GLC Android Box, RainBow Speaker, AUX creation

Mercedes GLC Android Box, RainBow Speaker, AUX creation

Mercedes Benz GLC In The INDIWORK Garage.


Android Settop Box, RainBow Speaker, AUX creation, Easy Access, Walk-In System

Devices Used :
– A-LINK (Android Settop Box)
– HD-LINK Digital Multi Interface
– GLC Capacitive touch screen panel (Multi Touch)
– OBD-AUX (Activate original AUX)
– EW200 Module (Easy Access, Walk-In)
– RainBow MP-C4.2 & Ground zero 80SQ (2-way mid speaker and full range center speaker)

This is a Rainbow MP-C4.2 2-way speaker.

Rainbow Speakers MP-C4.2 is a genuine speaker type, so all installations are done in the same way as genuine speakers.

The Door anti-vibration was partially installed in the area where vibration was likely to occur.

It will be installed exactly where the original speaker was.

The A-LINK Android set-top installation has been completed. A capacitive touch panel was used and original AUX was activated. So, the sound of A-LINK is output through the original speakers.

In addition, FAKRA-type GPS cable is used for very high reception sensitivity.

I test the A-LINK android box. Capacitive touch panels with multi-touch support are gently touched like smartphone panels.

Run YouTube.
The A-LINK can connect to a smartphone’s hotspot to use the Internet. or, an additional Wi-Fi device may be used.

The EW200 module has been installed to enable Easy Access & CAN Walk in system.

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