A-LINK2-HD-NTG55, Benz NTG5.5 high-definition android settop module

A-LINK2-HD-NTG55, Benz NTG5.5 high-definition android settop module

2018 Mercedes Benz W213 E300 In The INDIWORK Garage.

* High resolution Android navigation system!
(1280 * 720p)

Devices Used :
– A-LINK-HD-NTG55 (Android settop box with integrated the video interface / For Comand NTG5.5)
– Full glass digital cockpit capacitive touch panel
– AUX-USB Cable

The head unit and the original monitor must be disassembled to install the settop box and touch panel.

INDIWORK’s full glass touch panel is more perfect because the instrument panel and monitor parts are integrated.

Before attaching the touch panel, wipe the surface of the original monitor clean and attach the touch to prevent dust from entering.

The film of the touch panel is connected to the settop box. Because this is an FPC film type, if it comes into contact with a metallic case and generated the static electricity, the touch panel may be damage. so this must be wrapped with cloth tape.
And then, if installing above the original LED ambient bar, take out the film inside the ambient because the block the LED light of the ambient.

Look at the picture above. The film was fixed so as not to block the light of the original ambient. and I reassemble the monitor

I removed the interior light and installed inside an empty space the Android voice recognition microphone for Google Assistant.

There is the voice recognition microphone where the arrow point. If you install the microphone here, it is invisible and recognizes your voice well.

All wiring is connected to the Android settop body.

operation test

Total 10core CUP
Android OS 7 Nougat
Original jog shuttle & mouse
1280 high resolution
Capacitive multi-touch implementation

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