Benz E300 W213 Android Settop, 23-inch Full Glass Touch Panel

Benz E300 W213 Android Settop, 23-inch Full Glass Touch Panel

Mercedes Benz E Class E300 (W213) In The INDIWORK Garage.


* Android System with Touch panel

Devices Used :
– M2C-I00IW (Android Settop Box)
– IW-NTG55-N23 / HD-LINK Digital Video Interface For Benz NTG 5.5
– 23-inch Full Glass Capacitive Touch Panel
– USB to AUX Adaptor

M2C Carblet can connect capacitive touch panels only to model sold by INDIWORK. The letter ‘IW’ is added to the end of the model name.
The Android set-top box used this time is M2C-100IW.
We used a FAKRA cable to improve the GPS sensitivity. This is for M2C only. Also, since there is no AUX terminal on W213, I used an AUX TO USB adapter. This has a slight delay between the picture and the sound.

This is a 23-inch full glass touch panel. The touch area is on the right. The left area is only glass.
It is designed to match the origianl monitor size and there is no sense of heterogeneity even after the touch panel is attached.

The touch panel is attached.

I install a microphone. This is a component of the M2C Set Top Box.
The outer case of the microphone was disassembled and fixed inside the car interior light.

The microphone is installed, but not visible.

and then, I connect the wires to the head unit. How to connect is indicated in the product manual.

If use the ‘AUX TO USB’, AUX menu is activated.

Once installed, you can use navigation and various applications freely with the touch function.

Since capacitive touch panels are used, multi-touch is supported.

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