Mercedes-Benz GLK CAN Walk-In & Easy Access System

Mercedes-Benz GLK CAN Walk-In & Easy Access System

▲ CAN Walk-In & Easy Access System of the Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class

Normally walk-in control is possible with the jog dial.
However, in the case of GLK, there is no can data output using the jog dial, so it is linked with the handle button.

Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class (220D) In The INDIWORK Garage.

CAN Control
Walk-In (Assisted Seat Control) &
Easy Access (Driver’s Seat Automatic Control)

Use Device : EW200
(Easy access & walk-in system for Mercedes)

ㆍEasy Access Seats & Walk-In for Mercedes-Benz(Automatic car sheet control)
ㆍSupport the Mercedes-Benz E, C, GLK, CLS, Class
ㆍControl the exact position without error. (CAN-BUS control)
ㆍControl to the passenger seat by original button of Mercedes.
ㆍNo damage car seat
ㆍCan be installed to various types of New Mercedes.
ㆍEasy installation
This is a system using CAN data of the vehicle.
Therefore, there is no damage to the vehicle, it is easy to restore the original.

Remove the passenger seat footrest to install the CAN module of Mercedes-Benz.

I can see the CAN block of the car that looks complicated.
But,, The wiring used for the CAN module installation is only the power supply, ground, and CAN wiring high & low.

This is a CAN module. It controls the driver’s seat and assistant seat by receiving the CAN data of the vehicle.

I taped the module against the possible noise.

I have completed the installation Easy Access and Walk-in module of Mercedes-Benz .
The operation method is as follows.
* Easy Access :
Store the driving position in memory # 1.
When you get off, move to the position where the seat should be located and save it to Memory # 3.
With this setting, the seat will automatically move to the ‘driving position’ when the engine starts.
And when the door is opened after the start is turned off,the seat automatically moves to the ‘Get off’ position.
* Walk-In :
If you press the right arrow button on the handle for 2 seconds, a beep sounds. Then, use the up and down arrow buttons to control the forward and backward movement of the assistant seat.
And, if you press the right arrow button once more to control the backrest of the assistant seat.

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