Benz W213 M2C PLUS HD Touch Android System

Benz W213 M2C PLUS HD Touch Android System

2018 Mercedes Benz E-Class W213 E350

1920x720p High-Resolution Android Car Tablet & Touch Screen Control

Devices Used :
– M2C-PLUS Android Box
– BZD-17-HD (Video Interface For Benz NTG5.5)
– (W213/W222) Full Glass Capacitive Touch Panel – Digital Cockfit
– AUX Cable
  • M2C Android box OS 7.0(Nougat) version.
  • Super Quard-core CPU
  • The Android system is displayed at the same resolution(1,920x720p) as the original monitor of the Mercedes W213.
  • Control the android system via capacitive touch panel.
  • Can be used in conjunction with various devices. (Wireless keyboard, mouse, USB, SD card, SSD external hard drive.)
  • An additional GPS Fakra cable. It has the best GPS reception because it connects to the original GPS port.
  • In a vehicle that does not have an original AUX port, an external AUX cable is additionally used to output the sound of an external device to the car’s original speakers.
  • Faster start! Provide the Smart Standby function.

2018 Mercedes Benz E-Class W213 E350 (COMAND APS NTG 5.5) In The INDIWORK Garage.
The difference between M2C normal Android box and M2C PLUS is the resolution. The normal M2C box supports 800x480p, so it applies to general car monitors (7,8 inches, etc.). Because M2C PLUS supports 1920p high resolution, it can output Android system in high resolution on large wide monitors such as Mercedes W213. To use the M2C PLUS box, you need to use a high-definition dedicated HD video interface together. In addition, the M2C Android system also uses a touch panel, which is directly connected to the touch IN of the M2C box. And it is a capacitive touch panel dedicated to the W213/W222 digital cockpit.
And then, since the W213/W222 does not have the original AUX port, we additionally used an external AUX generating cable. the USB-AUX cable has some delay between video and sound, but it is easy to install and has the advantage of low price. But if the installer has another AUX connection method, it is not necessary to use it. ​

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