iPhone Wireless Mirroring For Mercedes Benz New E-Class(W213)

iPhone Wireless Mirroring For Mercedes Benz New E-Class(W213)

▲ iPhone Wireless Mirroring For Mercedes New E-Class (W213)

(Youtube, AUX volume control and pure air interaction, full screen and half and half screen)

Mercedes Benz New E-Class (W213) In The INDIWORK Garage.

Smartphone(iPhone) Wireless Mirroring System

Use Device :
IW-NTG55-N23 (HD-LINK Interface) & APCAST (WiFi Module)


1: 1 mirroring system of iPhone and genuine monitor.


I started removing.

The W213 is a trim structure that integrates air conditioning and commando system, so I have to remove the whole.

Remove the head unit for interface installation.

Removing the head unit is mandatory because interfaces that support mirroring must connect the LVDS IN/OUT between the head unit and the monitor.

The LVDS cable for the W213 interface is a military high-speed communication cable.
General shield cable is not fully compatible with high-speed communication of genuine monitor. So, after installation of the interface, the genuine monitor may flicker or the red spot phenomenon may appear on the screen.

However, the LVDS cable applied to the interface in the IDDIWORK is fully compatible for high speed communication.

The W213 does not support external audio input, so, I have installed a module that forcibly generates AUX. This is the genuine Quad lock in-out method, so there is no genuine wiring damage rate. However, compared to the genuine sound level, only about 60% of the output is supported.

I ended up with sound absorbing taping in preparation for the unintentional noise.

The interface installation is complete.

This is the perfect spot for APCAST.

I installed it to make it easy to change between wired and wireless. APCAST can be removed easily, and the Lightning AV adapter can be connected easily.

* APCAST (Wireless Mirroring)

Benefits – Wireless Mirroring
Disadvantages – Intermittent breaks or buffering. When IOS is upgraded, an upgrade of APCAST is required. (It takes about 2 months to develop APCAST firmware.)


* Lightning AV adapter (Wired Mirroring)

Advantages – No breaks or buffering. No upgrade is required due to IOS changes.
Disadvantages – Mirroring by wire. The GPS sensitivity of the phone drops when the cable is connected.

I completed the mirroring installation.
Press the NAVI button for 1 second to switch from the genuine screen to the mirroring screen.

When you press the BACK button on the left of the jog shuttle, the genuine screen and the mirroring screen are output in 50:50 ratio.

To be honest, all video interfaces currently sold in the aftermarket will have a lower quality picture than the high resolution W213 genuine monitor. So, we applied 50:50 ratio mode of genuine screen and mirroring screen.

This is a 50:50 split screen of mirroring and genuine.

FULL Screen mode.

It is displayed at the lower part of the mirroring screen when pure air control is interlocked.

For videos stored on smartphones, sound quality is better than streaming video applications, and chopping and buffering are reduced.

Wireless mirroring does not affect phone GPS sensitivity. So you can use smartphone application map. This is mirroring 50: genuine 50 ratio.

This is FULL screen mode of the smartphone map application. Image quality is worse than genuine navigation.

However,,, customer satisfaction is quite good 🙂


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