M2C Android Box with Rear View Monitor For Mercedes Benz S class Maybach

M2C Android Box with Rear View Monitor For Mercedes Benz S class Maybach

Mercedes Benz S class Maybach In The INDIWORK Garage.


Car Android System with Backseat Car Monitor

Devices Used :
– M2C-100IW (Android Settop Box)
– IW04-MB14-N (HD-LINK Digital Multi Interface)
– 12.1 inch Capacitive touch screen panel
– HDMI TO CVBS Converter (For interlocked with rear view monitor)

Maybach is almost the same structure as the W222 model. So first the central console is removed.

We use capacitive touch panels to maximize the performance of the Android box. This is the same electrostatic method as a smartphone. Also, capacitive touch pane is 6-pin and supports multi-touch.

A capacitive touch panel is attached above the original monitor screen.

Even after the cover is assembled, there is no sense of difference.

The microphone included in the M2C package was installed inside the car interior light. This is completely hidden.

M2C rear output type is HDMI. However, Maybach’s original monitor input type is CVBS. So, we need to convert the M2C’s HDMI output to CVBS using ‘HDMI TO CVBS convertor’.
Connect the head unit to the original rear monitor using the FAKRA cable. Because the FAKRA cable is used, there is no damage to the original wiring.

Make sure that the system works well before assembly, and complete the rest of the assembly.

The car Android system is the best system for infotainment.

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