Mercedes GLC220D NTG5.0 Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

Mercedes GLC220D NTG5.0 Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

Mercedes GLC Apple Carplay system build
# NTG5 Carplay interface for C, GLC, V, X 8.4inch screen
Carplay and Android Auto for Mercedes NTG5
Full Digital of 960-540 resolution
Control by original Jog Shuttle
Installation by Autovillage

Recently, the most popular system is Apple Carplay & Android Auto.
At Auto Village shop, the carplay interface ‘SCB-NTG5’ is installed on Mercedes-Benz GLC. This is a carplay interface compatible with Mercedes NTG5.0 comand only. The SCB-NTG5 package consists of a quad-lock type main harness, which is connected behind the head unit. So it is easy to install.

Carplay system is output at 960*540, which is the same as the monitor resolution of GLC. This is controlled by the original jog shuttle.
And, the GLC has no AUX by default. In this case, activate the original AUX with DTS-Monaco tool through coding, or can activate the original AUX via OBD type AUX generation module without coding. or, if you are not using the coding and OBD-AUX module, you can use an AUX-USB cable that connects to the car’s USB port.

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