Easy Access & Walk-in For Mercedes Benz (with. EW200)

Easy Access & Walk-in For Mercedes Benz (with. EW200)

2016 Mercedes-Benz E-Class (E300 / W212) In The INDIWORK Garage.


Easy Access & Walk-in


Devices Used :
– EW200 Module

1. Easy Access
Easy Access is a system for the convenience of boarding and getting off.
When the vehicle is started, the seat automatically moves to the driving position,
When getting off the vehicle, the seat automatically moves backward so that the driver can get off easily.

2. Walk-In
The walk-in is a system that allows the driver to manipulate the assisting seat with the original button.

The module is installed under the footplate of the assisting seat.

There are many wires here. It is important to find the correct wiring and connect it to the module.

In the case of 2016 E class, wiring connection is only power, ground, PAS CAN because there is only PAS CAN in the CAN block.

When wiring is completed, restore it to its original appearance.

* Easy Access :
Store the driving position in memory # 1.
When you get off, move to the position where the seat should be located and save it to Memory # 3.
With this setting, the seat will automatically move to the ‘driving position’ when the engine starts.
And when the door is opened after the start is turned off,the seat automatically moves to the ‘Get off’ position.

* Walk-In :
If you press the right arrow button on the handle for 2 seconds, a beep sounds. Then, use the up and down arrow buttons to control the forward and backward movement of the assistant seat.
And, if you press the right arrow button once more to control the backrest of the assistant seat.

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