AUX-USB Cable for Mercedes-Benz NTG6 (MBUX) AUX Activation

AUX-USB Cable for Mercedes-Benz NTG6 (MBUX) AUX Activation

▲ AUX generation through C-link slot – Mercedes A-class

In recent Mercedes-Benz, the Comand system is being changed to NTG6 (MBUX). Benz has not supported AUX input by default since NTG5. And the NTG6 also has no AUX input. In INDIWORK, AUX is activated by using a USB-AUX module in a car without AUX input.

The AUX-USB cable basically has a delay time between audio and video. The delay time depends on the vehicle model, it is approximately 100m/sec ~ 700m/sec. The AUX-USB compatible models are as follows.
▲ Changing the USB-AUX mode

The AUX-USB has a very small hole. The mode changes each time the button inside the hole is pressed for 3 seconds with a thin pin.

There are 2 types of modes: Mode 1 – The LED light is maintained continuously. Mode 2 – The LED light is blinking. For Mercedes-Benz NTG6 (MBUX), AUX is activated in the mode where the LED light is maintained. (Mode 1)
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