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Audi, Volkswagen, Bentley, Porsche, SkodaR04-MIB2


BRANDModelManual Download

Rear Interface Firmware Update

Model NameDateContents
R-NTG62019-09-03ㆍ Add new model (For Mercedes NTG6(MB-UX), NTG55) <Firmware 2019-04-23>, <Manual 2019-05-08>
ㆍ Added dip switch for setting the 2019 W205 facelift 7inch. Added
a switch button to the original screen on the rear screen (gear R). Fixed the black screen bug of original screen of W177 7-inch. <Firmware 2019-05-27>, <Manual 2019-05-27>
ㆍ Benz Sprinter NTG6 is set. The steering keys for right-steering model is set. <Firmware 2019-07-23>, <Manual 2019-07-26>
ㆍ Applied the IR remote control. <Firmware 2019-09-03>, <Manual 2019-09-26>
R04-MB142017-11-02ㆍ CLS-Class bug fix (setting mode related)
ㆍ Check for CLA-Class, E-Class face lift model compatibility (add dip switch)
ㆍ Other bug fixes
ㆍ C-class (W205) 7 inch monitor DIP switch correction (no firmware change, manual correction)
ㆍ E-Class (W212) – PDC PAS reverse operation correction, dip switch added <Firmware 2017-11-02>, <Manual 2017-11-02>
ㆍ Modified the DipSwitch notation in the manual. <Firmware 2017-11-02>, <Manual 2019-02-13>
IW-M-PAS2016-04-11ㆍ Add new model <Manual 2016-01-04>
ㆍ PAS correction <Firmware 2016-04-11>
R04-MIB22020-02-28ㆍ Add new model : (For MIB2) Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, Skoda, Bentley <Firmware 2018-10-22>
ㆍ Fixed an issue where the screen could not be switched to the rear camera screen intermittently when rear camera is installed. <Firmware 2018-11-26>, <Manual 2018-11-26>
ㆍ Fixed a problem where green dots (noise) appear on the CVBS screen. <Firmware 2018-12-03>, <Manual 2018-12-04>
ㆍ Add dip switche for 2016~ AUDI A6, A7 (4G MMI) <Firmware 2018-12-23>, <Manual 2019-05-09>
ㆍ Fixed invisible PDC OFF menu in interface Rear View setting screen. <Firmware 2020-01-30>, <Manual 2020-02-03>
ㆍ Added shortcut button for front camera (AV1). <Firmware 2020-02-28>, <Manual 2020-03-03>
R04-AUDI2015-11-05ㆍ Support the 2015 Audi A1 / Add dip switches <Firmware 2015-11-05>
ㆍ Remove dip switches of 2014 Audi SQ5 <Separate request available>
ㆍ Modify applied vehicle model DIP switch<Manual 2016-04-14>
R04A-TT2015-12-16ㆍ Audi TT MK3 FV/8S , Add new model <Firmware 2015-12-16>, <Manual 2018-01-16>
R04-7G.A32018-10-20ㆍ Golf new 6.5 inch monitor settings(Manual 2015-11-21)
ㆍ Change PAS LINE image <Firmware 2016-04-08>
ㆍ PAS line can be set between AUDI style and VW style. <Firmware 2018-10-20> <Manual 2018-11-02>
R5102014-12-08ㆍ Bug fixes
ㆍR510 Model Discontinued
RC5102014-12-11ㆍ Add new model. Model for Volkswagen RNS510 specification “RC510”
ㆍR510 Model Discontinued
R03-EX2015-09-21ㆍ 2016 Ford Explorer*facelift. Add setting dip switch(Manual 2015-11-21)
ㆍ 2016 Ford Explorer*facelift i-NAVI model setting. Add dip switches<Firmware 2016-07-30>(Manual 2016-08-01)
R-F-ML72016-07-05ㆍ New model for 2016 Malibu 7inch addition(Manual 2016-07-06)

* The above update history is supported by the latest update version.
* The firmware version can be checked on the sticker on the back of the main unit or in the ‘System Information’ menu in the setting menu.