[D-LINK] IW-N-NR For Sonata New Rise


D-LINK Interface (Without HDMI Input)
ㆍProduct Name : IW-N-NR
ㆍAvailable : Android Settop Box, Rear&Front Camera
ㆍSupport : LVDS INPUT, PGS & PDC, RearCam INPUT, Front Camera, AV IN/OUT (Without HDMI port)

High-Definition Navigation & Camera & Setting
IW-N-NR Digital Link For 2017 HD Sonata New Rise
▶ Product Name : IW-N-NR
  • Supports the Hyundai Sonata New Rise only.
  • Without HDMI input (HDMI device) – Not available the smartphone mirroring.
  • When you use LVDS(Digital) output settop navigation, you can get highest picture quality.(N-LINK2 is Korea map only.)
  • Provides automatic emergency lighting system when used with N-LINK2 settop navigation.(Provide GPS FAKRA cable basically.)
  • Compatible with OMNI VIEW rear camera.
  • Be possible connecting with front camera. (INPUT) * When you change the gear to ‘D’ from ‘P’ or ’R’ mode, switch automatically to front camera screen as much as you set timer(8, 10, 15 seconds). After, return to the previous screen.
  • Optimization for 7 inch monitor of Hyundai Sonata New Rise.
  • The user setting mode makes an optimized environment for user. And, the setting mode enters by original button.
  • Small size and easy install.


Car Models Production Year Specific Models
Hyundai Sonata 2017 – New Rise

ㆍ D-LINK Solution ( NO HDMI )

▶ HD Navigation ‘N-LINK2’ OR ‘Android Settop’

▶ Front-View Camera

▶ User Setting Mode

IW-N-NR is D-LINK interface for Sonata New Rise only.

D-LINK IW-N-NR For Sonata New Rise (N-LINK2 Navigation)


D-LINK IW-N-NR For Sonata New Rise (Front view camera ‘MC5’)


Detail View

IW-N-NR Interface (Digital Link For Sonata New Rise)

SIZE : WIDTH – 115mm / LENGTH – 135mm

IW-N-NR (D-LINK Digital Interface)


IW-N-NR Interface Package.

1. IW-N-NR Interface

2. Power/CAN Cable (Plug&Play)

3. Signal Out Cable

4. AV Cable

5. FPC Firm

6. Bolt

How to removal 2017 Hyundai sonata rise


D-LINK Smart Solution

D-LINK For 2017 HD Sonata New Rise

Sonata New Rise


High-Definition Navigation & Camera & Setting
IW-N-NR Digital Link For Sonata New Rise

▶ Product Name : IW-N-NR

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Weight 500 g


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