Car Video Interface For SsangyongㆍRenault Samsung


ㆍVideo Interface For M2C settop device installaiotn
ㆍCompatible with M2C-200IW / M2C-200IW-PLUS Android settop box.
ㆍCompatible with various SsangyongㆍRenault Samsung car models.
ㆍSupports rear camera/around view/omni view connection.


Car Video Interface With NAVI HDMI

SsangYong / Renault Samsung

Video Interface

  • Video interface for M2C android multimedia box installation.
  • Compatible with SsangyongㆍRenault Samsung car brand. (Please refer to the table below for compatible device models.)
  • 1 x NAVI (HDMI) INPUT – Connect to M2C Android Box.
  • Connectable the external backup camera or around view camera.
  • PIP function of original screen and navigation screen.
  • Change screen mode through car original button.

M2C-200IW Android Box & Video Interface Installation.

Required Products

  • Android Box – M2C-200IW
  • Video Interface
  • Original Touch System

M2C-200IW-PLUS (High Resolution) Android Box & Video Interface Installation.

Required Products

▼ M2C Android Box Link ▼


SsangYong Motor

Car ModelYearScreenNoteDevice
Tivoli2016~2018 TVOLI-Entry
Tivoli2018~ RXG4-Entry
Very New Tivoli20198-inchRXG4-Entry
Very New Tivoli 9-inchCVI-RXG4-9.2"
Korando C2016~ TVOLI-Entry
Korando Sports2016~ TVOLI-Entry
Korando Turismo2016~2017 TVOLI-Entry
Korando Turismo2018~ RXG4-Entry
Beautiful Korando 8-inchRXG4-Entry
Beautiful Korando 9-inchCVI-RXG4-9.2"
Rexton W2016~ TVOLI-Entry
G4 Rexton2018~8-inchRXG4-Entry
G4 Rexton2018~9.2-inchCVI-RXG4-9.2"
G4 Rexton Sports2018~8-inchRXG4-Entry
G4 Rexton Sports2018~9.2-inchCVI-RXG4-9.2"
Chairman W (Harman Kardon AVN)  CVI-CMW-Entry

Renault Samsung Motors

Car ModelYearScreenNoteDevice
SM6 7-inchCVI-SS-SM6-7"
QM6 7-inchCVI-SS-SM6-7"

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Weight500 g

(SY-01)RXG4-Entry, (SY-02)TVOLI-Entry, (SY-03)CVI-CMW-Entry, (SY-04)CVI-RXG4-9.2", (SY-04M)CVI-RXG4-9.2" -HDMI (Ceiling Monitor), (SS-01)CVI-SS-SM6-7"


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