A-LINK Android Settop Box


A-LINK Android System
ㆍProduct Name : A-LINK (Octa Core@1.6Ghz)
ㆍRequired : A-LINK / HD-LINK Interface / Touch(Touch Panel)
(* Installable on vehicles compatible with HD-LINK interface.)
(* Vehicles without a touch system must have a touch panel.)
ㆍOption : GPS Fakra Cable / AUX generator
ㆍCan be installed with APCAST (Wireless Smartphone Mirroring)
(The A-LINK use NAVI port of HD-LINK)
(The APCAST use HDMI port of HD-LINK)
ㆍChanged each mode with genuine button & controller
ㆍSmart drive function for driver’s convenience

Faster Android system! (With. Octa Core@1.6Ghz)
New Android Settop Box, A-LINK
▶ Product Name : A-LINK
  • Settop box type DIGITAL ANDROID.
  • Optimized for each vehicle and fully interoperable.
  • Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop) NXP5430Q-64bit Cortex-A53 Octa Core@1.6Ghz Mali-400 MP4 GPU.
  • Provide the high quality 4CH digital LVDS output.
  • The digital signal is directly connected to the OEM monitor, realizing the super high definition image quality.
  • Compatible with Digital Interface and Analog RGB interface.
  • Provides unique Smart Drive system optimized for each vehicle.
  • Convenient system operated by genuine button or controller. (Quick Start App. Seek, Zoom IN / OUT)
  • Implementation of automatic emergency lighting system using CAN value of vehicle.
  • FAKRA IN/OUT cable available.(Using the Genuine GPS, DMB ports.) * Amazing reception sensitivity.*

A-LINK (Octa Core) Digital Android settop(GPS)


Navigation App

Among the many navigation applications,
you can download and use the apps you use want.

Built-In Video & Music Player

A-LINK has a built-in player program for video and music playback.
It’s easy to enjoy without downloading a separate player application.

Entertainment App & Internet

Enjoy video, music, games and other entertainment
through your car’s monitor and speakers.

Special feature of A-LINK

Smart Drive

Can change (Next / Previous) the playlist using the genuine button (controller).

Emergency Light on Rear gear

The hazard lights will be flashed automatically When you shift gear to reverse.

Emergency Stop Light

Automatically flushes the hazard lights during sudden stop while driving.
(When the speed be slowed over 7km/h in 0.5 seconds, hazard lights will flash for 5 second automatically.)

Easy Access (Only Mercedes-Benz)

When the driver’s to get in and out vehicle, the seat is automatically moved to the memory location.

(* Driver’s seat is moved to the ‘memory position #1’ automatically, when you turn on the ignition.
* Driver’s seat is moved back to the ‘memory position #3’, when you turn off the engine and open the door.)

Map zooming

The use of genuine button for quick zoom in and out on the map. (More than 1 second.)

Shortcut button settings

* APP1, APP2, APP3, APP4 :
The controller or the button for 1 second, Move to the app automatically.

* Some of the Smart Drive features may not work properly for some vehicle.

Detail View

A-LINK Android Settop Box

SIZE : WIDTH – 142mm / LENGTH – 91mm / HEIGHT – 22mm


  • UART I/F
  • AV OUT
  • GPS
  • WIFI


  • RESET / Calibration
  • Not used
  • USB 1
  • USB 2

* USB1 and USB2 port is supports external keyboard and mouse.

▲ Dip switch setting ( 2 switch)
NO.2External GPS AntennaGPS Fakra (Use The Original GPS
Jack By Jack Cable (Option))

▲ Dip switch for car setting ( 4 switch)
NO.1Capacitive TouchResistor Touch, UART Touch
NO.2RGB 480×234RGB 800×480

When the Y-Type FAKRA IN / OUT CABLE is applied, the GPS reception sensitivity of the genuine car is reflected as it is.
As a result of our testing in our … You can experience the best GPS reception sensitivity regardless of the radio noise or metallic tanning film of the car.

But, Applies only to vehicles with the original navigation option.

1. Use the Capacitive Touch

* DIP SW2 : 1 (ON▼) / 2,3,4 (OFF▲)

* Capacitive touch setting for each car

Setting (Capacitive Touch)

1. Device Setting > Capacitive Touch Setting

2. Select the appropriate touch panel.

* How to connect an external mouse

Supports External Mouse

* If the ‘Capacitive Touch Setting’ menu selection is not possible, connect your mouse to the USB1, 2 port of the A-LINK and use it.

2. Use the Resistor Touch

* DIP SW2 : 1,2,3,4 (OFF▲)

3. Use the OEM Touch

* DIP SW2 : 1,2,3,4 (OFF▲)

A-LINK(Android Settop Box) Components

1. A-LINK(Android Settop Box) Main Body

2. Wi-Fi Antenna

3. Power Cable

4. AV Cable

5. (6-PIN) Capacitive Touch Cable

6. 4-PIN Resistive Touch Cable

7. RGB Cable

8. GPS Antenna

9. External Speaker

10. MIC

11. HDMI Cable

12. USB Cable

13. Harzad Modul

Sold Separately

1. Dual GPS Fakra Cable

2. Single GPS Fakra Cable

3 DMB Fakra Cable


OSAndroid 5.1.1 (Lollipop)
CPUNXP5430Q-64bit Cortex-A53 Octa Core@1.6Ghz Mali-400 MP4 GPU
Internal Memory2GB DDR3 @800Mhz
USBUSB2.0 High Speed Port x 2
Signal802.11 b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0
TouchResistor and Capacitive touch support
RGB OUT800×480 or 480×234, Including RGB scaling function
LVDS OUTDigital 800×480 LVDS OUT
FM Transmitter88.0Mhz~108.0Mhz
I/OAV IN(Only Video), Stereo Audio Out, UART(Only Smart Drive)
VoltageDC 12V ~ 24V
TemperatureStorage -20 C ~ +80 C/ Operating -15 C ~ +70 C
Size142mm(W) x 91mm(H) x 22mm(D)

Android Car Solution
New Android Settop Box

▶ Product Name : A-LINK

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Weight1000 g


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