A-LINK2-LX Android Settop Box For Lexus (Interface-Integrated)


A-LINK2 Android Settop Box For Lexus
ㆍProduct Name : A-LINK2-LX
ㆍOS : Android 7.1.2(Nougat)
ㆍOption : GPS Fakra Cable
ㆍResolution : 800 * 480
ㆍCan be connected with APCAST (Wireless Smartphone Mirroring)
ㆍChanged each mode with genuine button & controller

High Performance & Integrated Interface and Android Settop Box
Total 10-Core CPU! A-LINK2 For Lexus, A-LINK2-LX
▶ Product Name : A-LINK2-LX
  • Lexus integrated settop box with interface and android box. (Android 7.1.2(Nougat))
  • Select (Main Cable, GVIF Cable) type according to vehicle model. (Please refer to the table below.)

  • Optimized for Lexus original system
  • High Performance in Total 10-Core CPU (A17 4EA , GPU 4EA , 2D Acceleration 2EA)
  • Provide the high quality 4CH digital LVDS output.
  • The digital signal is directly connected to the OEM monitor, realizing the high definition image quality.
  • Two screens output are possible at the same time with the 5: 5 PIP function.
  • Possible operation the Android system via original buttons and controller.
  • Voice recognition of Google or navigation app is available via an external microphone.
  • FAKRA IN/OUT cable available.(Using the Genuine GPS, DMB ports.) * Amazing reception sensitivity.*

Cable Type

W/O NAVI Type : (Main Harness) W/O NAVI Type, (GVIF Cable) Old GVIF Type

New LCD Type : (Main Harness) New LCD Type, (GVIF Cable) New GVIF Type

1on1 Old Type : (Main Harness) 1 on 1 Type, (GVIF Cable) Old GVIF Type

1on1 New Type : (Main Harness) 1 on 1 Type, (GVIF Cable) New GVIF Type

Toyora Type : (Main Harness) Toyota Type, (GVIF Cable) Old GVIF Type


ModelsYearMonitor SizeCable Type
LS (XF40)2012-201712 inch1on1 Old Type
LS (XF50)2018-8 inch, 12 inchNew LCD Type
ES (XV60)2013-20177 inch, 8inchW/O NAVI Type
ES (XV60)2013-20178 inch1on1 Old Type
ES (XZ10)2018-8 inch, 12 inchNew LCD Type
IS (XE30)2013-20167 inch1on1 Old Type
IS (XE30)2013-20187 inchW/O NAVI Type
IS (XE30)2017-10 inch1on1 New Type
GS (L10)2012-8 inch, 12 inch1on1 Old Type
RX (AL20)2016-8 inch , 12 inch1on1 Old Type
RX (AL20)2017-8 inchW/O NAVI Type
NX (AZ10)2015-20177 inch1on1 Old Type
NX (AZ10)2015-20177 inchW/O NAVI Type
NX (AZ10)2018-8 inch, 10 inchNew LCD Type
UX (ZA10)2018-8 inch, 10 inchNew LCD Type
LX570 (J200)2016-12 inch1on1 Old Type
CT (A10)2015-7 inchW/O NAVI Type
CT200 (A10)2011-7 inch1on1 Old Type
Land Cruiser (J200)2008Toyota Type

Android User Interface

A-LINK2 Digital Android System for BMW G30


A-LINK2-LX Components


2. Compatible Main Harness Cable (4 Types)

3. Compatible GVIF Cable (2 Types)

4. AV IN / OUT Cable

5. AV Cable

6. Resistive Touch Cable

7. Capacitive Touch Cable

8. GPS Antenna

9. External Speaker

10. MIC

11. IR Sensor

12. Keypad

13. BT / WIFI Antenna


OSAndroid 7.1.2(Nougat)
CPUSix-Core 64bit Server Class Cortex-A72 Core @2.0Ghz, Mali-T860 Quad-Core GPU (Total Ten-Core)
VPNH.264/H.265/VP9 up to [email protected] (4K Video)
Memory2GB DDR3
USBUSB2.0 High Speed Port
USB 3.0USB3.0 5.0Gbps Port
Wireless2.4GHz/5GHz Dual-Band WiFi
SignalSupport 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.1
HDMI OUTHDMI 2.0, Support maximum [email protected] display
I/OStereo Audio Out, Mic (voice recognition), CVBS Out(On LVDS Out)
Input PowerDC 8V ~ 24V
TEMPStorage -20 C ~ +80 C/ Operating -15 C ~ +70 C

Android Car Solution
10-Core Android Settop Box
A-LINK2-LX For Lexus

▶ Product Name : A-LINK2-LX

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