M2C-200IW, Universal Android Settop Box


New M2C Carblet Android Settop Box
ㆍProduct Name : M2C-200IW / M2C-200IW-PLUS+
ㆍRequired : Android Box / Interface / Touch System(Touch Panel)
ㆍOption : GPS FAKRA Cable, AUX generator
※ Installable on vehicles compatible with HD-LINK interface.
※ PLUS+ model require a high-resolution dedicated interface. (Not compatible with HD-LINK)
※ Vehicles without a touch system must have a touch panel.

X2 Faster, X2 Powerful, Super Quad-Core 2GHz CPU
New Android Settop Box, M2C-200IW
▶ Product Name : M2C-200IW
  • Settop box type DIGITAL ANDROID. (M2C-200IW)
  • Equipped with Super Quad-core 2GHz
  • Optimized for HD-LINK interface and fully interoperable.
  • The M2C-200IW is built-in Android system so users can use the car’s genuine monitor like a tablet PC.
  • User can use the Google Store.
  • Provide the high quality 4CH digital HDMI output.
  • The digital signal is directly connected to the OEM monitor, realizing the super high definition image quality.
  • Can be used in conjunction with various devices. (Wireless keyboard, mouse, USB, SD card, SSD external hard drive, camera, etc.)
  • Providing voice recognition artificial intelligence services.
  • Faster start! Provide the Smart Standby function.

Carblet M2C-200IW New Digital Android Settop.


Detail View

M2C-200IW Android Settop Box

SIZE : WIDTH – 165.9mm / LENGTH – 105.3mm / HEIGHT – 21mm


  • Power
  • Touch Cable
  • IO Cable
  • DMB
  • GPS


  • Reset
  • Touch calibration
  • Dip Switch
  • USB Slot
  • Micro SD Card
  • Not Used

* Supports the various external input equipment using USB port.

▲ Dip switch setting (6 switchs) – Touch Setting
NO. 1 NO. 2 NO. 3 NO. 4 NO. 5 NO. 6 CAR MODEL
▲ OFF ▲ OFF ▲ OFF ▲ OFF ▲ OFF ▲ OFF Resistive touch mode.
(* May not be support depending on interface model type and car model.)
▼ ON ▲ OFF ▲ OFF ▲ OFF ▲ OFF ▲ OFF Capacitive touch mode. (Indiwork) Touch type selection in “C- Touch select” application. (* Please select a touch size in ‘C-touch APP’ through USB to Mouse connecting.)
▼ ON ▼ ON ▲ OFF ▲ OFF ▲ OFF ▲ OFF UART Multi Touch (Indiwork)

1. Use the Capacitive Touch Panel

* DIP SW2 : 1 (ON▼) / 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (OFF▲)

* Selects the touch type in the ‘C- Touch select’ application.

If you are using a capacitive touch panel, set the ‘DipSwitch 1’ to ON, and selects the touch panel size in the ‘C-Touch Select’ application using the mouse. (The mouse can be used by connecting to a USB port.) If the correct touch panel is not selected, touch recognition will not work properly. Selects the correct touch panel in the list and reboot to reflect the settings.

2. Use the Resistor Touch Panel

3. Original Touch Monitor

M2C-200IW(Android Settop Box) Components

1. M2C-200IW Main Body

2. Power Cable

3. 4P-Touch Cable

4. 6P-Touch Cable

5. C-Touch Gender

6.R-Touch Gender

7. HDMI Cable

8. IO Interface Cable

9. External Speaker

10. External MIC.

11. External GPS Antenna

12. Screws

13. Quick Guide

Sold Separately

M2C-GPS Fakra Cable


OS Android 7.0 (Nougat)
CPU MediaTEK Cortex-A72 Super Quard-core 2GHz PowerVR GX6250 OpenGLE 3.0
Memory LPDDR3 2GB(1GB x 2) / 16GB eMMC
Display LVDS / HDMI (Support Rear Monitor)
GPS U-blox 8
Wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n
Bluetooth V4.1 LE standards
FMT 76~108MHz
Power DC 12V
Operating Temperature -10℃ ~ 60℃
Relative Humidity 0% To 85%
Size 165.9 x 105.3 x 21.0 mm
Android Car Solution
All-New Android Settop Box

▶ Product Name : M2C-200IW

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Weight 1100 g

M2C-200IW, M2C-200IW-PLUS+(+$49.50)


Not selected, (M2C)GPS FAKRA Cable (+$31.50)


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